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The city was founded 1850 by Aaron Rose where Deer Creek flows into the South Umpqua River. The name has nothing to do with the popular flower. It was incorporated in 1872, and was home of the southern terminal of the Oregon & California Railroad.

Douglas County incorporates the entire watershed of the Umpqua River, from its beginning high in the Cascades to where it joins the Pacific Ocean at Reedsport.

What is it that stands out most about Roseburg?
That depends on whom you ask...

Ask a fisherman and no doubt you’ll hear about the beautiful North Umpqua River, legendary for its trout, salmon and bass, not to mention its status as one of the world's only rivers with a native run of summer steelhead.

Talk to another recreationalist and you’ll learn about the phenomenal hiking, boating, rafting, waterfall exploring, golfing and dozens of other activities that are available in or just moments away from Roseburg.

An out-of-towner may tell you about experiencing one of the most state-of-the-art, friendly and informative Visitors Centers they’ve ever seen or their fascinating tour through one of North America’s preeminent exotic wildlife parks. They may talk of the area’s fertile wine region and outstanding vintners or, if they prefer history over grapes, our covered bridges or acclaimed museum.

Roseburg is certainly all of the above, but it is also much more. To get the most complete picture of Roseburg, you need to talk to someone who calls our community home. Someone who grew up here and has never found another community whose quality of life could equal Roseburg’s. Or the person who relocated here because of a great business opportunity and has discovered that Roseburg is one of the best kept secrets anywhere (which, to their good fortune, they are now in on).

The bottom line is this: Roseburg stands out as a wonderful place to visit, but it’s even better living, working and playing here.

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[Material provided by Photo: Roseburg Chamber of Commerce.]